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We are surrounded by stupidity and stupid people…

Wow!! How embarrassing it’s been 3 months since my last post! That being said, this Lockdown/Un-Lockdown/Lockdown-again malarkey is very time-consuming and I have to admit that, like probably many others, I had started to lose my head a little; hence the sudden silence of my blog. I think when I reflect back upon this timeContinue reading “We are surrounded by stupidity and stupid people…”

Sausage Snuggles & Decision Making

I don’t think I have ever felt my head as full as it is right now. Are you feeling the same? There are more questions than answers and no respite from it all. I’m beginning to think that not only are we going to be in need of therapy when we get through all this,Continue reading “Sausage Snuggles & Decision Making”

Women have got it ALL wrong!

It’s been staring us in the face all this time… After waking up in Ernie’s bed, for some unbeknown reason, I pulled up the blind and saw the male Starling that has recently set up home in an old alarm box on the side of the house. His “Mrs” was inside the box with, whatContinue reading “Women have got it ALL wrong!”

Just Another Day

How on earth are we nearing the month of May already? For most, 2020 will be the year to forget, but it looks set to be stamped in BOLD in the history books for years to come. Even though we want it to be over I feel there’s nothing worse than wishing precious time away,Continue reading “Just Another Day”

Weather and WIFI

Thank goodness for the decent weather… It really is like being on a roller coaster, this whole lockdown business isn’t it? Yesterday, I was walking around the house very smug with my organised school work print outs, snapping photos of the kids doing their activities and the entire (home) school timetable running perfectly. I evenContinue reading “Weather and WIFI”

Home Schooling (Take2) Begins…

I’ve found myself printing off mammoth amounts of home schooling resources this afternoon in preparation for tomorrow and week 3 of teaching from home. Apart from the great communication and tools provided by my children’s school and their teachers, I have also been using who are just amazing in offering some fantastic activities andContinue reading “Home Schooling (Take2) Begins…”

Fortnite headsets, TikTok routines and a wet bathroom floor…

So Ernie currently looks like a pilot with a headset fixed on his head talking at the equivalent of volume 10 on Alexa whilst having some “break-time” on Fortnite. I swore I would not give in and let him loose on the PS4 during all this, but I fell at the first lockdown hurdle. SoContinue reading “Fortnite headsets, TikTok routines and a wet bathroom floor…”

Week 1 of Lockdown….

“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein Tuesday 31st March 2020 So today it’s been over a week of ‘lockdown’ and our second Tuesday of home-schooling. Originally, I was secretly looking forward to being at home full-time and almost excited at the prospect of being involvedContinue reading “Week 1 of Lockdown….”