Home Schooling (Take2) Begins…

I’ve found myself printing off mammoth amounts of home schooling resources this afternoon in preparation for tomorrow and week 3 of teaching from home. Apart from the great communication and tools provided by my children’s school and their teachers, I have also been using http://www.twinkl.co.uk who are just amazing in offering some fantastic activities and curriculum resources for you to get your teeth in to.

If you’re like me, you’ll find that as your child leaves KS1 you are no longer a pro -genius at their homework or know all the answers in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Your child will get to a stage where they do not believe mummy “knows everything” anymore. They will look at you in disgust and shock; disbelief you cannot answer their questions and have to stoop as low as Google for the answers. In fact, on a personal level, it becomes very clear how shocking you have become at mathematics in the years since you left school. Apparently, long addition is now worked out using number lines according to Ernie and not by stacking the numbers on top of each other like we used to do. Moreover, I am NOT doing it correctly. Then to top it off (whoop-de-doo), just as lockdown began Emmie started my all time favourite maths topic (NOT), ratios which completely knocked me for six before the Easter break began. BUT (ha, ha, ha evil witch laugh), this is the fabulous thing about http://www.twinkl.co.uk – you get an answer sheet with every worksheet you download so you cannot go wrong, AND more importantly you don’t look like a complete arse in front of your 11 year old know-it-all!

Remember, it’s ok not to be perfect at home-schooling like those on Facebook, who constantly update you with their curriculum progress of 62 million activities covered in one day!

Twinkl is a regular tool used amongst school settings, but for parents at home (especially at the moment in lockdown), you can sign up and access some of their fabulous FREE resources. Alternatively, for a monthly fee you can subscribe and pay for whole site access all year round. I must start practising what I preach but it’s so important to remember that everyone is doing the very best they can with the situation we have got. The amount of collaboration I have seen between services recently to help parents educate their children during lockdown has been mind-blowing. One reminder our children’s school keeps repeating is that their timetables and school work is suggestion based only. Wellbeing and mental health must prioritise over keeping up with school-work so stop looking at what “Kimberly” on Facebook is doing with her kids tomorrow. Next week the weather looks set to be glorious, so if you manage a bit of school work in the mornings be sure to drop the pens and laptops and head outside to enjoy the outdoors and just being together. Mindset is hugely important in these alien times, for everyone in the household. Remember, we are all in the same boat, wallowing along this very turbulent river of uncertainty but there is always light at the end of the tunnel and good times waiting on ahead of us.

Keep going, you’re doing a grand job! x

Published by thinlipsnotits

30 something year old mum to two gorgeous superstars, Emmie & Ernie. Partial to the odd rant making my way through life and everything it throws at you being a parent and a woman!

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