Weather and WIFI

Thank goodness for the decent weather…

It really is like being on a roller coaster, this whole lockdown business isn’t it? Yesterday, I was walking around the house very smug with my organised school work print outs, snapping photos of the kids doing their activities and the entire (home) school timetable running perfectly. I even pre-made some cookie dough as a treat for when they had finished their work god damn it. I was on fire!!!! Yet, today is a complete different ball game and I just feel a bit crap if I’m honest. Although, some of that may be to do with the three people and a dog in the bed when I awoke from my beauty sleep this morning. I really am worried that Buddy, (the sausage dog), isn’t going to cope when things return to normal. He is absolutely loving everyone constantly being at home and he has become my shadow, to the point where I cannot even pee on my own without the kids AND the dog present!!!

I got up late again this morning too which didn’t set me off in good stead. The alarm was set for 7.30am, but I snoozed for 10, then 10 again, then 10 again and the next thing it was 9.40am. Woops! So much for school starting at 8.45am. After trying to navigate my way out of my own bed, under the son and over the dog, I did actually manage a whole pee to myself. The sun was shining again and before getting my dressing gown on I stood in the hallway just taking in the beautiful uninterrupted blue sky. I think it looks amazing without any aeroplane trails scraped across it. Don’t you agree? I’ve begun to think I may even miss lockdown when this is all over.

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Anyways, it soon looked like today was not going to run like yesterday as Ernie was not up for school work at all, which he very kindly told me, dressed in his bright orange pyjamas, pink lipstick stained round his mouth from yesterdays dressing up charade, and a large straw sunhat, (which he appears to be constantly wearing at the moment). Emmie had already made herself some breakfast before I had got up, (half the contents of the Nutella jar still around her mouth), and started her school work. I could feel that I had already kind of lost control of the schedule for today by not being up and organised, and it irritated me. Funny how those tiny things can get to you so much at the moment. In all fairness though, the day went OK, (not to plan – but OK). I have had to hand over the entirety of the maths work to Si because it just frustrates me so much that I cannot do it, and just by looking at some of the questions gets me into such a pickle I feel I’m the one at school again. I bloody hate maths.

My forte is history and today’s English topic for Ernie was on Pompeii, (my favourite – god I got so excited), so we watched back to back clips on YouTube of what it would have been like when Mount Vesuvius erupted. Little did I know that Ernie’s joint enthusiasm for history was a sheer plot to get out of the English session. After over an hour of watching eruption clips, I realised all he was trying to do was exploit my eagerness of the subject by continually asking for more footage, whilst simultaneously pretending to be intrigued in the topic so it would eat in to his “writing time”. Basically he screwed me over, wasting time so he didn’t have to bloody write as much.


I had started thinking I may finally have someone in my family who’s a history geek like me and will trek round museums for hours on end. But no…

Like I said… tosser.

I recovered from my setback with some lovely chill time listening to Emmie read in the garden, and came to the conclusion that two very important elements have supported the success of our lockdown so far (in my household anyhow!) The weather and the WIFI. With Britain set to sizzle this week, I am beginning to realise how much this settled, glorious weather has been our absolute saviour, (even though it’s not helped my drinking habits!) Just imagine what lockdown would have been like if we had another Beast from the East during all of this.

Not even worth thinking about mate!

The second huge lockdown lifesaver is the WIFI. Following a turbulent start to lockdown with our WIFI connection, it seems that the majority of other PlusNet users have sacked off working from home or home-schooling their kids as the connection seems much better now. I really nearly lost my shit when the WIFI went dodgy in the first week of the kids being at home, (most of all because I couldn’t Google the maths answers). But seriously, everything you seem do in life requires an online connection and that becomes even more apparent when you are locked in your own home and require it almost constantly! Anyway, tomorrow we are having a day off the school work as the weather is supposed to be fabulous and the kids have done so well this week. My alarm is set for 7.30am, so fingers crossed I can peel myself out of bed to make the most of another lovely lockdown day.

Night folks x

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30 something year old mum to two gorgeous superstars, Emmie & Ernie. Partial to the odd rant making my way through life and everything it throws at you being a parent and a woman!

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