We are surrounded by stupidity and stupid people…

Wow!! How embarrassing it’s been 3 months since my last post! That being said, this Lockdown/Un-Lockdown/Lockdown-again malarkey is very time-consuming and I have to admit that, like probably many others, I had started to lose my head a little; hence the sudden silence of my blog.

I think when I reflect back upon this time in the future I will come to realise a lot of things and admit that I’ve actually learnt quite a lot, mainly about myself but also about the people around us. I’m not just talking about those fellow beings who grace our households, such as my daughter who constantly has a constipated-like expression on her face when she really is just a hormonal grumpy pre-teenager. No, I’m taking about the strangers in society who we don’t know that live amongst us. Pre-Coronavirus I really believed that most people had common sense – even just a tiny bit. According to the dictionary, common sense is described as;

common sense


good sense and sound judgement in practical matters

So why is it that when I watch the news or read articles surrounding the current pandemic we are facing do I feel utterly bemused at the lack of common sense in the people ? For example, a line must be drawn somewhere. My 11 year old daughter often asks to go to the park with her friends and I inform her that her curfew is 8.30pm. It is very simple to understand, the cut off is 30 minutes after 8 0’clock because that is the time myself and her father have deemed appropriate that she is home by. It is the time that we have decided will be the boundary for that evening of adventures with her friends; the line we have defined as the end of her play-time; finito; end of. We have permitted Emmie to go to the park independently until half past eight to enjoy herself freely and all we ask is that she returns home at the time we set. So cut the bullshit arguments and asking for 15 minutes longer, we said 8.30pm so get your arse home for 8.30pm.


So, when we take the example of people who have decided to go on holiday and risk some likely upheaval to their holiday plans of 2020 due to Coronavirus, (you know, the worldwide pandemic killing thousands and threatening everything we know right now), why am I seeing grown adults question which frigging day the government have decided to implement deadlines to return to the UK? Why am I watching educated people moan and complain that if they had got home 24 hours earlier they would not have had to quarantine for two weeks, yet because they got back today, (after the deadline), they have to self-isolate for two weeks?

Well Karen from Somerset, (who always seems to be bloody complaining on BBC news), the deadline for people returning home from France was at 4am on Saturday morning just like Emmie’s deadline for getting in from the park was 8.30pm last night. Now, because Emmie was late and she decided to come back at 8.40pm, (only 10 minutes I know but hey-ho a deadline is a deadline Karen), she is now GROUNDED!!!!!!! There is a line Karen and that line is there for a reason.

Similarly, as a university student I have many deadlines for assignments and such like. My tutors organise these deadlines before the course starts and we keep a copy of those deadlines for the duration of the university year. It is always made very clear at the beginning of term that if I do not hand my work in on time I will be marked down and my assignment could be capped at 40% for failing to meet the deadline. Another example here of a deadline Karen – a BOUNDARY!

And, if Karen is still unable to make sense of my example situations here is another one;

My son was born at 10.30pm on the 31st August. That’s an hour and a half before the clock struck midnight and would have been the 1st September. Now, for those of you with children at school you will know that the 1st September marks the cut off date that determines which school year your child will be in. Due to Ernie being born on 31st August it meant that he would start school when he turned 4 years old. However, should I have kept my legs closed for a further 90 minutes I would have enjoyed another year at home with my son as he would have been born on the 1st September and gone to school when he was 5. Yet, this was not something I was going to take to the Headmaster at my son’s future school because I knew that the deadline date for a child’s year group was 1st September. It wasn’t a case of approaching the headmaster and saying, “Well, he’s only 90 minutes off being in the next year group Sir, can’t we just bend that cut-off point the government have set for children starting school as it doesn’t suit me?”

No, I’m not going to do that Karen because I’m not a nob head.

So for those of you maybe sunning it up on holiday in a country currently NOT on the quarantine list when you return to the UK, please wake up and smell the coffee that there’s a good chance your holiday may be interrupted or you may face a sudden rush return to the UK which could result in having to self-isolate for two weeks when you get back . It’s not a matter of give or take a couple of days – a deadline is a deadline.

A line must be drawn somewhere and if Thursday or Sunday is the winning day Boris chooses to enforce the cut-off then so be it. Are you with me Karen? Have I made that a little clearer for you to understand? I hope so, anyway I had better head off as I’ve got some paper work that needs returning to University this afternoon, the deadline is 4.30pm.

Speak soon folks x x x

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30 something year old mum to two gorgeous superstars, Emmie & Ernie. Partial to the odd rant making my way through life and everything it throws at you being a parent and a woman!

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