I love my food, which I’m sure a lot of you will too. It’s entwined within daily routine and is a massive part of our lives. I spend much of my day thinking about food or what I intend to cook for tea. The best times are when you get so hungry and there’s an overwhelming feeling of yearning something tasty. If you manage to get that fix from cooking up something yourself and not giving in to a cheeky take-away, then I take my hat off to you my friend!

I am definitely a savoury girl through and through. Pasta is my all-time favourite dish.

We’re all hugely diverse with our preferences on food, and what we believe is the best meal. You may live for the perfect fillet steak cooked to your liking, be vegan all the way or you may be more Sushi. Which ever you are we all have a favourite, and for me it is pasta. I know what you did, you sighed, you’re thinking, “pasta?, how boring!”, but I love it’s versatility and the fact that something so simple can be soooooooo unbelievably tasty!

The best Italian pasta dishes are the simple ones…

A very fond memory I have is when I visited Sorrento with my grandparents quite a while ago now. My aunt was working in Italy at the time and met us out there. One day we travelled on the hydro-foil, across the bay of Sorrento to the island of Capri. Following an exploration of the most picturesque and unique part of the Amalfi Coast, we stopped for lunch at a beautiful restaurant and had one of the most amazing pasta dishes I had ever had. Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, I stuffed my face with pasta perfection and it was just dreamy – a lovely and very fond memory.

Whilst at home I love to cook tasty meals and I’m really big on home-cooking and eating together as a family. I’m not going to lie, I’m not one of these mums who oftern lets their children loose in the kitchen, weighing their own flour (getting it everywhere), or cracking the eggs over the bowl (goo all over the place!). I hold my hands up – I find the whole child-cooking thing a tad stressful. I get a little OCD and much prefer cooking a meal or baking some treats with a good soundtrack on my own.

I can’t wait to put a few of my favourite recipes or meal ideas on here for you guys to have a bash at.

Happy cooking x

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