Hi there!

… so after one of the most craziest starts to a year I have ever experienced a fellow school mom suggested I start a blog. So I have! Here I am…well for now anyway.

Someone recently responded to a text I sent them informing them that 2020 was worse than 2019 (which it really had been at that point), and they said that “it really couldn’t be that bad as we were only two months in”, (it was February at the time). Little did they know the torrent of bad news that hurtled mine and my families way since 1st January 2020. 🖕

I didn’t respond as I couldn’t bring myself to write what had actually happened, nor did I think they would believe me!

I have just turned 35, got two kids, my other half, a dachshund, thin lips and no tits. Here is my blog of life’s ups and downs, ironic moments, hilarious situations, darkest mindsets and not a bit of filler or silicone in sight….well not yet anyway! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Published by thinlipsnotits

30 something year old mum to two gorgeous superstars, Emmie & Ernie. Partial to the odd rant making my way through life and everything it throws at you being a parent and a woman!

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